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Cash For Cars removal

Cash For Cars is Melbourne based car removal service. Cash for Cars RUS is available with dedicated services for metropolitan cities and their suburbs. In whatever condition your car is, we pay for it and make it easier for you to sell and get rid of problem cars without any hassle.

Cash For Cars Melbourne

Cash for Accidental Cars

If your car gets damaged in an accident and you don’t want to repair it, come to us? Cash For Cars Rus pays cash for accidental cars without knowing who has done it. Use that money for anything. We put an end to all your worries about accidental cars.


Cash for Damaged Cars

When a car becomes smashed beyond repair or seriously damaged, it becomes impossible to find a buyer for it. But you can anytime contact Car for Cash Rus. We buy any damaged car in whatever condition it is. Get a free quote for all types and brands of cars. Rest assured with us; we can remove it safely and quickly whenever you want it to and in how many pieces.


Cash for Unwanted Cars

Got an unwanted car you just can’t sell? Rather than letting it rust and get in worse shape, call us today and we’ll take it off your hands, paying you what it’s worth.

Cash for Car Melbourne

Car removals

We offer free car removals and pay cash for any car — any make or model, any condition. We have the equipment, the experience and the manpower to handle any kind of car and any size.